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Create Your High-Risk Jet Charter Merchant Account

Navigating High-Risk Jet Charter Merchant Accounts

Explore the boundless opportunities in the jet charter industry, where luxury meets convenience. Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic, the jet charter market is poised for a significant resurgence, projected to reach $36.94 billion by 2028. With corporate profits on the rise and household incomes escalating, operating a private jet company can lead to substantial wealth.

Understanding High-Risk Challenges in the Jet Charter Industry

However, despite the industry's immense potential for profit, establishing a successful jet charter business is no easy feat. One of the critical challenges faced by jet charter companies is accessing the payment system. Traditional banks and payment processors often categorize jet charter businesses as high-risk ventures, making it difficult to secure merchant accounts for electronic payments.

Why Jet Charter Companies Encounter High-Risk Challenges

Several factors contribute to the unique nature of high-risk jet charter payment gateways:

  • High-Ticket Transactions: With high-value services, transactions are susceptible to buyer's remorse and higher rates of friendly fraud.
  • Card-Not-Present (CNP) Payments: The prevalence of online or phone-based CNP transactions increases the likelihood of fraud compared to in-person payments.
  • High Cancellation Rates: Many cancellations happen beyond the allowable period, leading to chargebacks to reclaim money.
  • Greater Risk of Bankruptcy: Operating a jet charter business comes with steep costs, exposing companies to a higher risk of bankruptcy.

How iPay Digital Supports Jet Charter Businesses

iPay Digital specializes in providing high-risk jet charter merchant accounts, leveraging its close partnerships with nationalise banks to find accommodating institutions to underwrite your business. After setting up your merchant account, you can utilize iPay Digital's high-risk jet charter payment gateways to process credit card, eCheck and ACH payments.

iPay Digital high-risk jet charter merchant account services include:

  • Quick Signup and Approval
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Maintaining Your Chargeback Ratio Below 2%
  • Lowest-Cost Monthly and Processing Fees
  • Secure, PCI-Compliant Payment Platform
  • Easy Integration with Your Website and Other Software Systems

Enlist for a Jet Charter Merchant Account Today

Struggling to find a favorable high-risk jet charter merchant account? iPay Digital can manage all your payment needs. Sign up for our free trial or contact us to discover how we can elevate your success to new heights in the jet charter industry.

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