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Irrespective of your specific payment needs, we provide smart credit card processing solutions designed to meet the requirements of any legitimate business.

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Our founders bring over a decade of expertise to the payment processing realm.

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We've ensured secure payments for countless high-risk merchant accounts.

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Our partnerships empower merchants with flexibility, security, and a spectrum of payment choices.

The Advantages of Opting for iPay Digital Merchant

Seamless Transactions Unlocking the Advantages of iPay Digital Merchant Solutions

No Payment Contracts or Setup Fees

Enjoy a seamless onboarding experience and speedy approvals through our online application and eSign feature.

Higher Transaction Approval Rates

Maximize your sales potential by avoiding unnecessary declines and ensuring high transaction approval rates.

Credit Card Scalability

Elevate your monthly checking account balance confidently, without worries about held funds or volume caps on your payments.

Flexible Reserve Terms

Run your business with peace of mind, assured that our support team is always ready to assist you with any issues related to your payment terminal or account.

Direct Access to Risk

Enhance your business decision-making with direct access to experienced underwriting and risk decision-makers in the payment processing industry.

Ready to initiate payment processing?

Start accepting eCheck payments today with iPay Digital Merchant.

Ready to initiate payment processing?

Start accepting eCheck payments today with iPay Digital Merchant.

Trustworthy Payment Processing Experts

Why opt for iPay Digital Merchant over other solutions? The answer is straightforward: we are genuine specialists in payment processing.

By selecting our services, you tap into a team of experts who truly understand the intricacies involved in handling credit card payments for high-risk merchants. iPad Digital Merchant was specifically designed to empower high-risk, e-commerce, and B2B merchants to focus on expanding their businesses while leaving merchant processing in the hands of seasoned professionals.

Isn't it time you embraced merchant account services tailored to both your needs and those of your customers?

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Our 4-Step Account Setup

Consultation Call

In this brief consultation, we aim to understand your business, its payment processes, challenges, and goals for our merchant processing relationship.

Underwriting Pre-Vet

Following that, we offer a detailed overview of your business operations, financial robustness, processing profile, and the specific requirements for credit card processing.

Underwriting Submission

We compile a comprehensive merchant package, addressing all underwriting queries and requests, ensuring final approval terms for our services.

Merchant Deployment

Lastly, we set up the merchant account, allocate a merchant ID (MID), and deploy the appropriate payment equipment/gateway.


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Industries Served

Through our banking affiliations, we serve businesses spanning the risk spectrum, accommodating everything from low-risk to high-risk enterprises, including both small and large-scale operations. If your business encountered hurdles in setting up online credit card acceptance due to industry-specific constraints, iPay Digital Merchant is here to offer the necessary support.

If your business encountered hurdles in setting up online credit card acceptance due to industry-specific constraints, iPay Digital Merchant is here to offer the necessary support.

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Thousands of business owners trust iPay Digital to help them accept payments.


Ready to get started?

Begin accepting and sending payments today.

Ready to get started?

Begin accepting and sending payments today.

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Debit bank accounts via eCheck and ACH

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Accept Debit and Credit Card payments

Transforming the Landscape of Payment Processing

Start accepting payments today.

Transforming the Landscape of Payment Processing

Start accepting payments today.

FAQ About Online Payment Options and Processing

To process credit cards securely from anywhere online, iPay Digital offers a streamlined solution:

  • Choose iPay Digital as Your Payment Processor:
    Opt for iPay Digital, a trusted and reliable payment processor, to facilitate secure online credit card processing. Enjoy the flexibility to conduct transactions from any location, ensuring convenience for both you and your customers.
  • Set Up Your iPay Digital Merchant Account:
    Create an online merchant account with iPay Digital by providing the necessary information and completing the verification process. Benefit from our years of industry expertise to meet your payment processing needs.
  • Integrate iPay Digital’s Secure Payment Gateway:
    Seamlessly integrate iPay Digital’s secure payment gateway into your website or mobile app. This ensures the safe and efficient transmission of payment data between your platform and our advanced processing system.
  • Implement SSL Encryption for Added Security:
    Enhance the security of credit card information by implementing SSL encryption on your website or application. iPay Digital prioritizes the protection of customer data during all transactions.
  • Diverse Payment Options with iPay Digital:
    iPay Digital enables you to offer customers various payment options, including credit and debit cards. Our versatile solutions cater to diverse customer preferences, contributing to an enriched user experience.
  • Mobile-Friendly Solutions by iPay Digital:
    Optimize your online payment process for mobile users with iPay Digital’s mobile-friendly solutions. Provide a seamless payment experience for customers who prefer using smartphones or tablets.
  • Ensure PCI DSS Compliance with iPay Digital:
    iPay Digital ensures compliance with industry security standards, including PCI DSS. Rely on our robust security measures to safeguard customer information and maintain a secure online environment.
  • Track Transactions and Gain Insights with iPay Digital:
    Monitor your online transactions efficiently and leverage iPay Digital’s analytics tools. Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and transaction trends, empowering you to make informed business decisions.

With iPay Digital, you can confidently process credit cards online, knowing that you have a reliable partner for secure and efficient transactions from any location.

The cost of accepting credit cards online can vary based on several factors, including the payment processor chosen and the specific features required. Transparent and competitive pricing is tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. The fee structure typically includes:

  • Transaction Fees: A per-transaction fee is charged for processing credit card payments. This fee may vary based on factors such as the type of card (debit, credit), the card brand (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), and the nature of the transaction (retail, online, keyed entry).
  • Monthly Service Fees: Some payment processors have a monthly service or subscription fee, covering access to payment processing services, customer support, and additional features.
  • Chargeback Fees: Chargeback fees may apply when a customer disputes a transaction, leading to a chargeback process. A fair and transparent chargeback resolution process is in place.
  • Setup and Integration Fees: Depending on the payment processor, there might be initial setup or integration fees.
  • Customized Solutions: For businesses with specific requirements or high transaction volumes, customized solutions are available. Pricing for such solutions is tailored to meet unique business needs.
  • Discount Rates: Discount rates are applied to the transaction amount, representing the percentage of each transaction. The discount rate is influenced by factors such as the type of card and the risk associated with the transaction.

It’s important for businesses to carefully review and understand the pricing structure of their chosen payment processor. The dedicated support team is available to assist businesses in selecting the most cost-effective plan aligned with their specific requirements.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the difference between a payments processor and a payments gateway:

  • Payment Gateway:
    A payment gateway is a technology solution that securely facilitates the transfer of payment information between a merchant’s website or point-of-sale system and the payment processor. It acts as the virtual bridge, encrypting sensitive data such as credit card details and ensuring a secure transfer for transaction authorization. Essentially, a payment gateway enables online businesses to accept electronic payments by connecting the merchant’s website to the financial networks involved in processing the transaction.
  • Payment Processor:
    A payment processor, on the other hand, is a service provider that manages the entire transaction process. This includes the authorization of the payment, transferring funds from the customer’s account to the merchant’s account, and ensuring the transaction’s completion. Payment processors interact with the various parties involved, such as banks and card networks, to execute these transactions efficiently. While a payment gateway focuses on the secure transfer of data, the payment processor handles the broader spectrum of the transaction process, from initiation to settlement.

The payment gateway handles the secure transfer of payment data, while the payment processor manages the overall transaction process. Together, they play pivotal roles in enabling businesses to accept electronic payments seamlessly and securely. 

At iPay Digital, we support a wide range of card types to ensure flexibility and convenience for your business. You can accept major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, our payment processing services extend to include popular debit card networks, providing your customers with various payment options. Whether your customers prefer using credit cards for rewards or debit cards for direct access to their bank accounts, our platform is designed to accommodate diverse card types, offering a seamless and inclusive payment experience for both you and your customers.


Receiving credit card payments online is a straightforward process. Once you’ve set up your merchant account, you can integrate a secure payment gateway into your website or online platform. When customers make a purchase, they can enter their credit card information during the checkout process. Advanced encryption and security measures ensure that sensitive data is protected throughout the transaction. After the payment is processed, the funds are transferred to your merchant account. This provides a user-friendly and efficient solution, allowing you to accept credit card payments online with ease.


To streamline the submission process and ensure compliance, certain documents are typically required when applying for a merchant account. These may include:

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN): A unique identifier for your business, similar to a social security number but for tax purposes.
  • Bank Balance Verification ($10,000): Some processors may request proof of a minimum bank balance to assess financial stability.
  • Driver’s License: Personal identification for the individual associated with the business.
  • Voided Check or Bank Letter: Providing a voided check or a letter from your bank confirms the legitimacy of your business account.
  • Articles of Incorporation: For incorporated businesses, this legal document verifies your company’s existence and structure.