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Get Signed Up for Telecommunications and VoIP Payment Processing

Seamless Telecommunications and VoIP Payment Processing Solutions

The telecommunications and VoIP industry witnessed a significant upswing during the pandemic, with COVID-induced lockdowns and remote work escalating the demand for telecommunication services. The efficiency and affordability of modern telecom technologies have won over businesses and consumers alike. From $30 billion in 2020, the VoIP market is projected to soar to $95 billion by 2027.

Empowering Telecom/VoIP Merchants with High-Risk Payments

Despite this industry's colossal potential, financial institutions have not warmly embraced it. Banks and payment processors shy away from offering telecommunications and VoIP payment processing services, deeming these merchants as high-risk businesses.

iPay Digital, specializing in high-risk payments, steps in to fill this gap by providing telecommunications and VoIP merchant accounts along with robust payment processing solutions. With over 10 years of expertise in serving high-risk industries, iPay Digital utilizes its close relationships with most of the nationalize banks to swiftly approve your business for a telecommunications and VoIP merchant account.

But acquiring a merchant account is just the beginning. In a high-risk industry, maintaining a merchant account becomes a constant struggle. iPay Digital arms you with advanced fraud-fighting and chargeback reduction technologies, reducing the risk of merchant account termination and enabling you to run a profitable business.

iPay Digital Telecommunications and VoIP Payment Processing Services Offer:

  • Quick Sign Up and Approval: Streamlined onboarding to get you started promptly.
  • Lowest-Cost Processing Fees: Cost-effective solutions tailored for your business.
  • Dispute Management Solutions: Effectively handle transaction disputes.
  • Easy Integration: Seamless integration with your existing systems
  • Secure, PCI Compliant Payment Gateway: Ensuring the safety of your transactions.
  • Acceptance of Multiple Payment Methods: Accept credit card, eCheck , ACH , and mobile payments

Why are Telecom Businesses Considered High-Risk?

While the telecom/VoIP industry plays a crucial role in global communications, it faces challenges that make banks hesitant to provide payment processing services. These challenges include:

  • High-volume transactions High processing volumes increase the risk of payment fraud.
  • More unhappy customers : Technical issues can lead to disgruntled customers initiating transaction disputes.
  • Excessive chargebacks : The subscription model in telecom results in recurring billing, making customers more likely to file chargebacks.

iPay Digital: Your Solution for Telecommunications and VoIP Payment Processing

Facing challenges in finding a telecom merchant account provider? Want to replace your current processor due to unfavorable terms? iPay Digital provides low-cost telecommunications and VoIP payment processing services with a swift onboarding process. Contact us now to consult with our payment experts and set up your high-risk merchant account today.

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