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Unleash Limitless Potential with Your Adult Merchant Account

Gone are the days when adult products were confined to discreet specialty stores. The internet has ushered in a new era, bringing adult services and products into the homes of millions.
The adult industry is undergoing unprecedented growth, fueled by increased access to adult content and a growing awareness of sexual wellness. With an estimated annual revenue of $15 billion, the American adult entertainment industry is thriving.

Empower Your Adult-Oriented Business with iPay Digital

Thriving in the adult industry is no easy feat. Traditionally labeled as high-risk businesses, adult businesses face challenges in obtaining merchant accounts from most banks and payment processors. Without such an account, businesses are severely restricted in processing debit and credit card payments, limiting their sales potential.

Enter iPay Digital, your ally in overcoming these challenges. We not only provide accommodating adult payment processing but also offer robust protection against account termination and financial losses. Leveraging over a decade of experience, we employ advanced fraud-mitigation tools and chargeback reduction technologies to safeguard your merchant account.

Understanding the unique needs of various sexually oriented businesses, iPay Digital leverages its extensive network of nationalized banking relationships to underwrite your business swiftly. Whether you operate an online adult novelty store or a pornographic website, we can establish your adult merchant account within days.

Why Choose Our Adult Merchant Account Services?

  • Zero Set-Up Costs: Get started without any initial expenses.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Receive assistance whenever you need it.
  • Swift Signup and Approval: Experience a hassle-free onboarding process.
  • Tailored Payment Processing Solutions: Designed for diverse adult businesses.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your website and shopping cart.
  • Low Monthly Costs and Fees: Affordable solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Multi-Payment Method Support: Accept credit card, ACH, eCheck, and mobile payments.
  • Secure, PCI-Compliant Platform: Ensuring the safety of your transactions.

Unveiling the High-Risk Nature of Adult Merchants

Despite the growing acceptance of adult-related products and services, stigma still surrounds the industry. This unfavorable reputation, coupled with various factors like strict regulations, payment fraud, and high chargeback rates, contributes to the classification of adult businesses as high-risk.

We Cater to a Diverse Range of Adult Industries:

  • Adult Photography
  • Escort Services
  • Fetish Items
  • Lingerie
  • Lubricants and Lotions
  • Online Dating
  • Phone Sex Operator
  • Sex Education Course
  • Streaming Services
  • Strip Clubs
  • Toys and Novelties

Can't find your industry listed? Connect with an iPay Digital representative to explore if an adult merchant account is the right fit for you.

Embark on Hassle-Free Adult Payment Processing

Struggling to find an adult merchant account provider? Burdened by exorbitant fees from your current processor? iPay Digital offers a better way. For affordable and reliable merchant account services, Contact us to consult with our payment experts and set up your account today.

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